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Smartbox From DISH

Many property managers already know the benefits of having a one-satellite configuration to provide television to their complexes: no dishes hanging off their buildings, fewer headaches for maintenance, and savings for both management and guests. In the past, however, these one-satellite solutions have only been able to distribute a standard-definition (SD) analog picture to the resident users. High-definition (HD) programming requires an additional monthly fee for those individuals wanting to upgrade their television service. With most TVs having high-definition capabilities nowadays, guests are finding that the TV they want isn’t part of the TV they get. Now you can give them what they want with smartbox from DISH.

smartbox Innovation

smartbox is a revolutionary new video platform from DISH that delivers energy efficiency, flexibility, redundancy, and requires less physical space. The innovation lies in its superior energy efficiency: transmitting 40 channels of HD digital TV requiring 90% less energy than current systems consume. Property managers will finally be able to deliver HD programming to their occupants at the lowest cost per channel.

Flexible Configuration

This new platform is accommodating for various layouts as more than 40 possible system configurations can be created using a single smartbox. To give an example, let’s say a hotel has HD televisions in all of their rooms and lobbies but only SD televisions in their workout facility. With the integrated signal processing of the smartbox, all of those TVs could be run from the same distribution point. smartbox can be remotely monitored and managed to provide more reliable service. No matter what the setup may be, smartbox is the answer.

Compact and Efficent

Where similar systems can take up more than two refrigerators worth of space, smartbox is compact enough to fit into most equipment rooms. The physically small size of the unit (roughly 18” x 9” x 16”) makes it easy to mount to either the wall or an existing rack system. smartbox seamlessly integrates with your current network without complex wiring, significantly reducing installation time and cost. The smartbox is the all-in-one solution for property managers looking to improve their residents experience.

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